Our story, just like many stories, began many years ago, when we became part of the ever-exciting jewelry business. Big strides in technology made possible for new, alternative metals, to be made into beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry allowing to shift our focus on designs and materials that compliment these metals. Through trial and error in the creation process, and with instant feedback from the large volume of our customers, we handpicked collections to be included on the STEEL REVOLT website. Each collection offers something unique and was created with you, our customer, in mind. While we offer some traditional and minimalist designs, you will find that our collections feature a variety of unique designs, metals, and materials.

STEELREVOLT.com offers a large variety of wedding bands. We have some of the most beautiful and unusual wedding bands with intricate inlays. Tennessee Whiskey Jewelry is made from a genuine Jack Daniels whiskey barrel, Red and Blue line bands are made with beautiful Carbon Fiber inlays, Deer Antler inlay wedding bands are combined with wood, and camouflage rings come in a variety of metals and colors. Every single piece of jewelry is designed for comfort and can be worn by anyone. Many wedding bands come in his and hers options for the couples look. In our experience, most women prefer more traditional diamond wedding rings, yet they still purchase a band to match their husbands, so they can wear it those times when diamond rings could get damaged or lost. Increasingly, women choose alternative metal rings for their wedding bands.

STEELREVOLT.com website is a home for “STEEL REVOLT,” “AKTYVUS,” “LAURENS,” and “SunCoast Sunglasses” brands. Each brand offers distinct materials and unique collections. As you navigate through the site, you can be sure that every piece offered in our collections is handpicked by us to offer you ultimate satisfaction. Our focus is on time tested, modern, and unique designs in quality materials.

Our goal is to offer you jewelry pieces inspired by the world around us. Every day we work hard on new designs and material combinations for the best and most unique look.

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