Steel Revolt Warranty Information
Tungsten and High-Tech Ceramic Rings

Thank you for purchasing a Tungsten Carbide / High-Tech Ceramic ring from STEEL REVOLT®. Our STEEL REVOLT® rings come with a lifetime warranty. They are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. We also guarantee the metal on our rings to be scratch and shatter RESISTANT. Inlays on the rings are covered with high-impact resin and may dent and scratch based on the amount of wear adding character to your ring.

1. You believe there is a manufacturing defect (you will have to return it for evaluation);
2. The ring
had to be broken to remove it in an emergency;
3. The inlay does not look as good as it did the day you purchased the ring;
4. It breaks;
5. You need to exchange it for a different size.


1. Email [email protected] with pictures of the ring in question and proof of purchase. You will receive a reply with RA# (return authorization number) confirming the start of the process. Attached to the email you will find a form that has to be filled out and included in the package.

2. Safely package your ring, include a $35 money order, and ship it to the address specified in the email. If we do not receive your ring, we cannot process your claim.
DO NOT mail your ring without obtaining RA#. It will not be processed and it will not be returned to you.

3. Once we receive your ring, we will send you a new one* within 3-7 business days.

Some items that were discontinued and therefore sold at a "deeply discounted" price are not covered under this warranty.

*We reserve the right to substitute styles if the original style is no longer available.